Award: One Lovely Blog


I’m so happy to show you this, it’s the first time that I’ve a nomination to a blog award. I’ve being nominated by the author of Good Morning Joe Blog. Thank you so much, it’s a honor.

With this nomination comes a few rules:

Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.

List seven random things about yourself.

Nominate fifteen other awesome bloggers.

Here are some things about myself:

My name is Annie, I’m 28 years old and I’m Portuguese.

At this moment I’m unemployed for almost two years and this situation it’s starting to annoying me very much.

I love to read romance, listen to music and blogging.

I think that I’m a gentle girl with simple dreams: find the love of my live. I don’t like to fight and hate discussions. I’m a little insecure about so many things, but I’m a strong girl too.

I’m a perfectionist and I like to do things well

15 blogs that I really enjoy reading.  Whether because the topics are interesting, the photography is beautiful, or “just because”… these blogs are definitely worth looking into!

Good Morning Joe Blog


the fabulous life of a natural disaster


Portrait Café

one cool site 


Solo in Seattle

Two Lacquered Girls





Canadian Hiking Photography

Peachy Milk Tea

Best of luck to all!  If ever I have made an error in blogs, please let me know as soon as you can.  Or, if you would like me to show your blog differently, let me know at:

Kisses,Annie S



  1. Congratulations!!! Great blog! Kisses from Italy!

    • Hello IndianSavage!
      Thank you^^
      Kisses from Portugal 🙂

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